There is a proper way for that cigar!Cigar smoking may be a less encouraged act but if you just love it and cannot stop it, all you have to do is to do it in a proper manner. What could be the proper way? Is there a difference if you do it right or wrong? Yes, there are especially health effects. When you think you have such an insufficient knowledge on cigar smoking, you would definitely need these tips to guide you.Avoid cancer; do not inhale while you smokeWe know that inhaling cigar smoke could cause cancer and many people around the world are experiencing this health alarm. You could ignore this health problem if you try not to inhale the smoke from the cigar.Age matters this timeWhen you age your cigars, it is a good method for it would not only improve the taste of your cigar but as well as protect your cigar from the effects of improper handling and storing. When you keep your cigar in the right humidor, you would surely enjoy the pleasure of it especially months after.Better not put it thereAs you light a cigar and decided not to finish smoking it, never put it back inside a humidor. It would not be good for the other cigars. It would just even spoil them. When you light and smoke it partially, better put it somewhere and not inside your humidor with the rest of your cigars.Drink and smoke the right cigar. People usually smoke while drinking. If this population of individuals includes you, see to it that you choose a drink that could not be overpowered by your cigar. There would be no use if you stick with a cigar that has stronger taste than what you are drinking. You would surely not enjoy both.Butane lighter lights out the tasteYou have to use butane lighter in order for you to enjoy the taste of your cigar and it could surely be more enjoyable when it comes to taste. You could also use the usual match but see to it that you let the sulfur burn out. These are just some of the many tips you have to equip yourself especially if you are fond of smoking cigars. You have to consider your own satisfaction. These tips are surely of help.

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