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There is a proper way for that cigar!Cigar smoking may be a less encouraged act but if you just love it and cannot stop it, all you have to do is to do it in a proper manner. What could be the proper way? Is there a difference if you do it right or wrong? Yes, there are especially health effects. When you think you have such an insufficient knowledge on cigar smoking, you would definitely need these tips to guide you.Avoid cancer; do not inhale while you smokeWe know that inhaling cigar smoke could cause cancer and many people around the world are experiencing this health alarm. You could ignore this health problem if you try not to inhale the smoke from the cigar.Age matters this timeWhen you age your cigars, it is a good method for it would not only improve the taste of your cigar but as well as protect your cigar from the effects of improper handling and storing. When you keep your cigar in the right humidor, you would surely enjoy the pleasure of it especially months after.Better not put it thereAs you light a cigar and decided not to finish smoking it, never put it back inside a humidor. It would not be good for the other cigars. It would just even spoil them. When you light and smoke it partially, better put it somewhere and not inside your humidor with the rest of your cigars.Drink and smoke the right cigar. People usually smoke while drinking. If this population of individuals includes you, see to it that you choose a drink that could not be overpowered by your cigar. There would be no use if you stick with a cigar that has stronger taste than what you are drinking. You would surely not enjoy both.Butane lighter lights out the tasteYou have to use butane lighter in order for you to enjoy the taste of your cigar and it could surely be more enjoyable when it comes to taste. You could also use the usual match but see to it that you let the sulfur burn out. These are just some of the many tips you have to equip yourself especially if you are fond of smoking cigars. You have to consider your own satisfaction. These tips are surely of help.
The five for the freshmenWhen you are just into cigar smoking for the first few times, you must avoid smoking those strong-flavored cigars for you are not yet used to them and it may just cause you effects that you do not want handling. We would be very glad to help you get to know what the five cigars that could suit you. These are not that strong for you but not to bland that you would not enjoy the smoking time at all. Well generally, beginners must really settle for what is light or mid-strong when it comes to cigars. Flor de oliva torpedoThis is a cigar from the Oliva family, who is well-known in the cigar industry for years. This produces a mild to medium mild taste with a dash of sweetness. A stick of it would cost you a dollar and fifty cents. As its medium component, it is made of Nicaraguan filler. You could freely choose or get to know more of this cigar online.Baccarat LuchadoresThe only weakness it has is that you may not taste that rich taste the first time you try. With the idea of keeping them in humidor, this is not the best move. This type of cigar tastes well especially when straight from the box rather than out of the humidor. Punch Grand Cru RubustoMany smokers of this wish that it could be made longer for it really taste good. The taste is really great especially if it is stored in the humidor for some months, Honduran cigars with the nice blend of tobaccos, it could surely be very teasing for your taste buds. A stick may let you spend 3 dollars and 50 cents each. This is a very well-constructed cigar as well.Arturo Fuente Curly head From the Fuente group of cigars, this type may be a part of the lowest bracket of Fuente cigars when it comes to price at one dollar and fifty cents. This rich hand-made Dominican cigar would surely be enough for beginners. The mild to mid-mild taste would be great for those who are not into smoking cigar for such a very long time. Excalibur number 5 Hoyo Monterrey is the direct seller of this cigar and it is Honduras made as well. Stick costs 3 dollars and 25 cents. There are different ranges but Excalibur number 5 compared to 1, 2 or three is mild, tasty and really tasty if kept in a humidor.When you are a beginner in smoking, do not let it stop you from tasting the rich cigars. You have the choices; it is all up to you to savor the tastes that would surely be great for you. There are loads of cigars out there in all corners of the world but these are simply the best for beginners.
Cigar Selection: the processWhen you think you already have what it takes to join the cigar smoking population, you have to know first some of the most important reminders. One bunch of reminders has something to do with how you choose the right cigar for you. This must follow a brief process but if followed, it would surely give such a fulfilling feeling to you as the smoker.It is very much important to see it that you are choosing the right cigar or else you would just end up not knowing that you are wasting money. There must be that quality that you have to consider in order for you to make sure that you savor what is best from that cigar.The milder, the better (Choose mild cigars)This goes out especially to the beginners. Do not shock your lungs and throat, as you are starting, you have to settle with the lighter taste. And milder cigars cost lesser so it would not be a heavy burden if you break it accidentally or what. This would also work well if you are not into strong tastes yet, it would serve as your preparation as well.See the quality (Inspect the cigar)Of course, you do not want to get your money wasted for a cigar that is not worth a single puff at all. How would you inspect a cigar if it of good quality? By simply squeezing gently the parts of the cigar and trying to feel if there are these soft spots, this would not be a good pick for you.Store wellWhen you do not have the right container where you could store cigars, better buy those that could last for more than a couple of days, if they could not then keep them on their pack. It would keep them in the right condition.These are the three major tips or steps in choosing cigars. These would surely help you a lot in selecting what is right and definitely enjoy them to the extent that you meet your expectations.Cigar smoking is a relieving experience, once you could choose the right cigars, it could really be the right jump off. You would enjoy the rest.

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